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WE’RE PREGNANT! Pregnancy Announcement & 1st Bumpdate!


I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be writing those words and to announce that baby #3 is on the way! Yesterday we announced our pregnancy on social media, and we received an outpour of kind words and support! 

So today, I decided to make a post kind of “introducing” our third pregnancy! I’d like to start doing monthly “bumpdates” and although we’re still super early, this is kind of like the first one! 

I’ll be answering a few general questions that I’ve already been asked this pregnancy below. I am so excited to share our journey with all of you! Thank you all so much for the support!

How far along are you?

As of this post, we are 5 weeks and a few days! Super early, I know. I’m pretty open when it comes to sharing our journey, however, so I wasn’t really hesitant on announcing early!

We are due early June. And our due date is actually super close to what Grant’s due date was! 

Both Grant and Holston came 3 weeks early, so if history does repeat itself, this little one will have a super close bday to its big brother! I guess time will tell!

How did you find out?

Elijah and I had been trying for this little one, so I had been tracking my ovulation and I had a handful of pregnancy tests waiting in my bathroom drawer. With that being said, I found out super early! I was actually only about 3 weeks pregnant when I originally found out. It was 10 days before my period was due. 

Anyways, I had just put Holston down for a nap and I had the urge to take a test. Knowing my period was still so far away, but I decided to take one anyway. 

As I took it, in my head I fully expected it to be negative and I kept thinking “It’s gonna be negative, but I can just test again in a week. Like a normal person” lol

But once I took the test, a very faint line instantly appeared on it. But I’m talking super faint! Like to the point where I was questioning if I was seeing things. So naturally, I took another test. Another line. And when I took the third and fourth tests (different brands), they were very clearly positives!

I remember standing in my bathroom looking down at the tests crying tears of joy. I was also in shock that we found out so early. (Actual pregnancy blood confirmation with the dr was about a week later!)

How did you tell Elijah?

I’m the worst at keeping secrets. Especially from Elijah. And there was no way I could wait to tell him, so I told him the same night I found out. 

Originally I wanted to announce it to him in a really cute way. And I had a few plans I’d seen on Pinterest, but I didn’t have any time to pick up any of the supplies, so I did a cheesy little last minute announcement.


Grant had cub scouts the night we found out, and I don’t usually cook on those days, I just pick up food on the way home since we’re out so late. 

So we got home with Zaxbys, and Elijah and Holston were on their way home as well. I put a note in the Zaxbys, on top of the boxes that said 

"If you don't eat your fries, I'll take them. After all, I am eating for TWO again!

When he got home, I had the zaxbys bag sitting on our kitchen island and I said “Hey, babe? Can you bring my food over here?” And I watched him walk over to the box, notice the note, and read it. His mouth instantly fell open with a giant smile, and he looked at me choking up and asked if I was serious. I told him yes, and he ran over to me, wrapped his arms around me, and spun me around. We were both sitting there in complete bliss, so excited!

(Side note: This is how we told family. Haha)

What Symptoms are you having? And is your pregnancy similar to your pregnancy with the boys? 

I’m gonna start this one off by saying, I’m still SO early. So much could change. But this is all as of now! At 5 weeks and a few days

So with Grant and Holston I had the WORST morning sickness, to the point that I could barely hold my head up. I was puking about 3x a day with each of them. And the downtime when I wasn’t, I was feeling like I was going to. 

No morning sickness: This time around, I’ve been lucky enough to have no morning sickness! Every now and then I feel a little queasy, but nothing bad at all. (Again, this could change. I’m over here knocking on wood trying not to jinx myself! haha)

Symptoms I AM having so far include: 

Fatigue: Probably my biggest symptom so far! I’m so ridiculously tired. I remember having really bad fatigue with Grant as well, but this time I literally find myself falling asleep in the middle of the day. And I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open 24/7. Oh, and you can bet I’m in bed by like 8pm every night at the LATEST. lol. Once the kids are in bed, I’m in bed.


Mood Swings: I’m extra moody this time around. (So sorry, Elijah!) I will literally snap over nothing, and then instantly apologize and burst into tears. I’m just gonna be real with yall, but I’m a freaking mess over here hahaha.


Frequent Urination: Pretty standard


Increased Appetite: ALWAYS. EATING. Not even joking. And Give me all the tangy foods.


Sore Breasts: Again, pretty standard. They’ve grown a little, too. Which was another giveaway:


Breaking Out: I am SO broken out lately. My face looks awful! With both Grant and Holston, I’ll look back at pictures and I feel like I was literally glowing! My skin looked great! This time around, I look like a teenager who just hit puberty. HAHA!

Will you find out the Gender?

Absolutely! I honestly don’t think I could go a pregnancy and not find out! I really admire women that wait until birth to find out! But I wouldn’t be able to!

So yes, we will be finding out the gender, and we’ll be finding out via blood test AND ultrasound. If you’ve followed along with us or know us personally, you know that they thought Holston was a girl for a little bit. We bought girl stuff and everything, until a few weeks later they announced they were wrong. I understand accidents happen, and it never bothered me that he WASN’T a girl. I didn’t care. What bothered me was that we were given the wrong gender in general, then had to return things, and change a lot of things haha. 

So with that being said, we’ll be double verifying things this time just to be safe hah! 

What gender do you want?

In the past, I’ve had a preference on what gender I wanted, but this time I genuinely do not care! 

We would absolutely LOVE a little girl. But we would also be THRILLED to continue our journey as boy parents! 

Either way, as long as baby is healthy that’s all that matters! 

How did Grant and Holston react?

They are SO excited! (Mostly Grant. Holston only semi understands!)


We went back and forth deciding to tell them now or tell them later on, and ultimately decided we didn’t want to keep it from them. So about 2 nights after we got official confirmation, we told them!

You guys should have seen Grants face, it was so cute! He is really excited for a new baby and specifically wants “another Holston” hahaha. When asked about what gender he wants, he’ll respond with wanting “another Holston” too. So aka: He wants another brother!


Speaking of Holston, we told him as well! But he doesn’t quite understand. When I lift my shirt, he points and blows raspberries on my belly, but that’s about it on his end haha. He’ll get there! 

So that’s about the gist of it so far! Like I’ve said, it’s pretty early! So there’s not much to tell as of now! But I’ll be updating every few weeks so everyone can stay up to date on all the ultrasound pics and baby bump updates to come!

Our next ultrasound is in a few weeks, and I’ll swing back on to let everyone know how little baby L is doing, then! 

Again, thank you all for following our journey and for the outpour of support and love you have shown us all. 

Let the adventure continue!

Hey, guys! I'm Bri, a boy mama of 2 littles, raising them with their daddy, my highschool sweetheart here in East TN! I can't wait to share all things life, motherhood, and more with each of you! Thanks for stopping by my little space! So excited to connect!

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  • Mariah Owens

    Hey girl!! We’re pregnant at the same time! I saw Elijah at the health department the day I went to confirm my pregnancy. I’m super excited for you guys. My due day is June 3rd (is what the health department said) I won’t know for sure what my due date is until the 18th when I get my first ultrasound and initial work up. It’s just super exciting to have someone so close in pregnancy dates as I am. I’ll be keeping up with yours as mine progresses. 💕💕

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