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Holstons Lumberjack first birthday!

Back in October (2018) we celebrated Holstons first birthday! Since his birthday is in October, we decided to go with a rustic lumberjack theme!

It was SUCH a fun day, and again, my only regret was not taking more/better photos (I get so caught up in the day I hardly take any!)

Here are some details from his Lumberjack First Birthday!



Over the fireplace we had our happy birthday banner. Above that was a wreath photo display. It was SO easy to make! 

I spray painted a hula hoop I got for like $4, glued some ribbon and greenery on, and then glued on the photos! It was super cute!

The “ONE” sign was made from cardboard boxes and wrapping paper. 

And we bought these little campfires to put around the food table!

We had lots of “random” decor around the place, like the “H” and “ADVENTURE” sign from hobby lobby. Plus a few forest creatures hanging around!

The centerpieces for the tables were super simple and went well with the rustic theme. 

Above the dessert table, I put 2 palettes I had painted previously to the party. I also added a half balloon arch to the side of it. 

We used logs as serving plates for the cake and donuts (more on that in the food section), added mini trees we had from Christmas,a few lanterns, and painted wooden “1s” on the table as well! (more photos of the table below)



For Holstons smash cake, we decided to have it made to resemble a log and have a simple sheet cake (not pictured) made for everyone else. 

We opted out of cupcakes and decided to have donuts included for the sweets. A huge hit!


Also on this table, we had smores on a stick! Super easy to make! Marshmallow, melted chocolate, and crushed graham crackers!

We also had berries in little tins, and pretzels/forest sticks!!

For our “main course” we had a chili bar!

Fritos, onions, cheese, bacon bits, lettuce, hot sauce, and sour cream were some of our toppings! It was a hugeee hit. By far the most eaten food out of every party i’ve ever thrown (including all 4 of Grants birthday parties)

Some of the kids, however weren’t big fans of chili! But boy did they love these flapjacks on a stick! They were so cute and so yummy! Layered with mini pancakes, bananas, and strawberries!

We kept it pretty simple with drinks. We had sweet tea, apple cider, and a hugeeee metal tin of waters.



For activities we had an axe throwing board, lincoln logs to “build your own log cabin”, lumberjack coloring sheets (not pictured) and a big open space for the kids to run around in haha. (What more do hyped up kids need?)

Elijah was so awesome and made this little tent for some of the gifts to hangout under! 

We also had lumberjack beards for the kids to wear in place of party hats!



Here is Holston checking out his cake, with his lumberjack high chair banner on!

We had such a fun time celebrating our wild little Holst! 

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