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Grants Carnival Themed 5th Birthday

On Friday, my kind, smart, handsome little boy turned 5 years old! It was such a bittersweet, and amazing day! 

On Sunday, we celebrated that big boy even more with a carnival party for him filled with friends, family, and fun!

I wanted to share a few details on his party! I didn’t get to “finish” everything I wanted for this one, because with so much going on, I procrastinated and had 9 days to plan it.. HA. What was I thinking, right? 

But we made due with what we had and the only thing that even mattered was that Grant had a BLAST and the day was filled with love. 

I only wish I had gotten more photos…

Anyways, lets get started with some details!


For our party colors, we kept it bright and vibrant, as a carnival would be! We used reds, blues, yellows, and white for our main color scheme!

Since we had the party outside, we didn’t do toooo much as far as decorating. (Definitely unlike me, but again this party was created in 9 days lol. Plus I felt like majority of the decorations came from the games and activities themselves!


Leading up to the party area was our “carnival signs” that we got from Amazon!

Once you walked through them, you were greeted at the ticket booth, where you receive tickets and your treat bag! 

On the right was our food table (more on that below) and one of the “decor” pieces” was our popcorn machine!

In the back we had our bounce house 

And on the left were our games and our carnival photo prop!


For our games, we kept it pretty simple, since we knew the kids would like them, but their main focus would be on the bounce house and water gun fight!


So we had our ring toss!

For this one, we literally just took some empty beer bottles and spray painted them to match our theme. Then we used glow stick bracelets for the rings!

Then we had our can toss!

I bought these cute little cans for like $6 from amazon, and this one was by far the favorite! Grant and 2 of his friends played this for like 30 minutes straight! haha!


Finally, we had the clown bean bag toss!

This was another hit and added to the “decor” aspect, which was nice! This was another amazon find!


Because the kids had tickets, we decided they could cash them in for some prizes! I didn’t get a photo of the prize table, but it was filled with little goodies for the kids, including water guns and squirt shooters, which started the water fight



I didn’t get many photos of the food & we never finished setting up the food and dessert tables (LOL) butttt our menu included…


Hot Dogs

Corn Dogs

Chips & Taco Dip

Chick Fil A Nuggets


Cotton Candy (It melted because of the heat LOL)



We kept it pretty simples, but still wanted a few “carnival staples”


For his cake, Alecia Maries Cakes (Knoxville locals, check her out!) did so great! It looked just how I wanted it, and it tasted even better!


Like I said, I really wished we had gotten more photos, but the day just flew by and I was too busy to keep clicking more! It was such an awesome day, though! Grant had a blast and his 5th birthday was definitely one for the books!


Hey, guys! I'm Bri, a boy mama of 2 littles, raising them with their daddy, my highschool sweetheart here in East TN! I can't wait to share all things life, motherhood, and more with each of you! Thanks for stopping by my little space! So excited to connect!

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