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Fun and Easy Fourth of July Snacks!

The Fourth of July is coming up sooo soon! Just 2 days until we celebrate the land of the free and so I thought I would make a blog post with 2 yummy, easy patriotic snack ideas that will be a huge hit no matter what your celebrations may be! 

Whether it’s the American flag fruit tray or the red, white, and blue jello glasses, these snacks are ridiculously easy and not to mention adorable!


American Flag Fruit Tray

This snack was seriously TOO easy!! Not to mention healthy and delicious! Heres how to make your own! 


Ingredients: Blueberries, White chocolate pretzels, and strawberries! (You can substitute with any “similarly colored” fruit/food you’d like! Ex: Red could be raspberries. White could be bananas. Blue could be blackberries!)


1) Cut up your strawberries. (I sliced mine into fourths)

2) Set up your blueberries into a square shape.

3) Set up your strawberries and pretzels, alternating, in lines like the American Flag.


That’s it. Seriously I told you guys it was easy. 



Red, White, and Blue Jello Cups

My kids were obsessed with this one! It’s a bit more “dessert” themed but you won’t regret indulging in the deliciousness! Heres how to make your own!


Ingredients: Red and blue jello, Whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries


1) Make your jello (Seperately if you’re making both red and blue.)

2) Once the jello is ready, put it in the bottom of your cup. (To make it a little prettier then mine, I suggest pouring the liquid jello into the cups and refrigerating them already in the cups. It turns out a bit smoother!)

3) Add whipped cream to the top of the jello.

4) Slice up your fruit & put them on top. (The goal here is to use red, white, and blue colors. So for the blue jello I used the strawberry fruit. For the red jello I used the blueberries!)


That’s it! Another super easy one! This one is just a tad bit more time consuming, because jello takes a little bit to make. 

I hope you guys enjoyed these snack ideas and even more, I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July! We’ll be spending ours at the lake and I can’t wait to celebrate my freedom all while snacking on some yummy goodies! 

God Bless America & Happy Independence Day!

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