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Easter Bunny Pancakes!

Hey, guys!

This Easter bunny pancake breakfast was SUCH a hit with my kiddos and it was way easier to make then I thought it would be!ย 

If you’d like to recreate this breakfast for your kiddos, I’ve broken down the steps!

Heres how!

  1. I started with the head. I made a circular pancake base, about the size I wanted the head to be, then I worked around that.
  2. I made the “body” pancake, which will be the largest pancake!
  3. I made two circular feet pancakes, which were the smallest
  4. I made the two ears! For these, I made sure to have them kind of tear dropped shaped, that way they were easily identified as the ears!
  5. After I had all my pancake bases made, I set the ears down first, then put the “head” on top, then the body, and finally the feet!
  6. For the feet, I used chocolate syrup for part of the “paws” (I wanted to use banana slices, but completely forgot to pick them up from the store!)
  7. I used grapes for the little toe part of the paws! (Again, I might have went with blueberries instead, but I worked with what I had! ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  8. I used whipped cream for the bunny tail!


That’s it! It was super easy, and the boys absolutely loved it! (They shared it, since it was quite a bit of pancakes! Haha!)

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter!

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